Testimonials about Gary A. D’Alessio, Esq.

  • Working with Gary was great! He helped me obtain the exact job I was looking for by preparing me for my interviews and providing critical feedback and assistance throughout the hiring process.I’d recommend Gary to anyone looking to make a career change!

    Mike Schumann, Associate

    Locke Lord LLP

  • Working with Gary was great.  He found me an associate position in a large law firm and was an incredible resource during the process.  He shared valuable insight into firms I was interviewing with and was very willing to answer questions and help with interview preparation.  I would highly recommend Gary.

    Nicole Mirjanich, Associate

    Duane Morris LLP

  • Gary was incredible to work with. His communications were timely and responsive and his support constant and unwavering. He was (and remains) a great partner for navigating the job pursuit! Thanks, Gary.

    Tim Shanley, Manager, Corporate Risk

    Ventas, Inc.

  • Gary recently assisted me with my job search, which led to me accepting a position at a new firm. Throughout the entire process, Gary's communication was excellent. He very clearly communicated opportunities and was invaluable during the interview process for the job I accepted. I always knew I was in trusted hands and this provided a level of security in an otherwise nervous time. I highly recommend Gary and his services for those looking to transition into their next legal opportunity. Thank you Gary!

    Matthew D. Martin, Litigation Associate

    Adler Murphy & McQuillen LLP

  • Gary did a fantastic job helping me through this process all the way to a very successful conclusion. I can recommend Gary 100%.

    Donald G. Olsen, Senior Counsel

    Kaplan Saunders Valente & Beninati LLP

  • Gary recently helped me find a fantastic new position and I couldn’t have done it without him. 

    Gary was instrumental in the whole process of my recruitment. He approached me with an excellent new job opportunity, prepared me for interviews, gave me insight into how the process was unfolding, and was a rocksteady sounding board when the recruitment process became stressful. 

    I highly doubt that I would have received an offer without Gary’s expert guidance and I would recommend him to anyone looking for assistance in finding new legal employment.

    Michael R. Burney, Associate

    Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC

  • Gary is one of the most considerate people I know. He takes the time and does not beat around the bush. If you know your objectives and want to achieve your goal in an efficient manner, I do not think I can think of anyone who can help you more. His wry sense of humor makes working with him a breeze. All around great, hardworking guy.

    Kevin H. Young, Litigation Associate

    Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

  • Gary was great to work with during my search for a new legal position. He was honest with respect to my prospects while always remaining positive. He also made sure I was completely prepared once he connected me with the right opportunity. His thorough interview preparation ensured that I was successful through multiple rounds of interviews. I'm glad I worked with Gary, and I would highly recommend him to others searching for a new legal career opportunity.

    Raymond J. Jacobi III, Corporate Associate

    Horwood Marcus & Berk Chtd.

  • Gary was a critical piece in my job search. Gary took my resume and would send me several opportunities that interested me and would be a good fit. Gary took the time out of his day to help with interview preperation, helped me draft cover letters, and follow-up correspondence after each interview. Gary was very involved and asked that we have a quick debrief after each interview. I highly encourage anyone that is looking to make a switch or is looking for a position to use Gary in their search. 

    Michael J. Weiss, Associate

    Fisher Kanaris, P.C.

  • Gary was a huge help in my search for a new job. He recommended fantastic opportunities, and when the time came to be interviewed, he took the time to sit down and give me invaluable advice on how to perform best. I greatly enjoyed working with Gary to take the next step in my career.

    Richard S. Wilson, Associate

    Siprut P.C.

  • I was recommended to Gary after some time searching for a job without the results I had originally envisioned. Right out of law school, I was anxious about the interview process. Gary offered to meet with me immediately and we were quickly able to pinpoint some successful strategies. Gary's insight and advice were absolutely pivotal towards finding a position I would succeed in. 

    Gary has clearly seen it all and is always completely honest. No matter how much experience you have or where you are in your job search, I highly recommend him. He is willing to help anyone, and you can tell that he truly enjoys doing it. 

    Paul Sowa, Associate

    Schroeder Law Group

  • Gary was a pleasure to work with. He presented the right opportunity at the right time-- and made sure I was prepared to be the right candidate. His interview prep was exceptionally helpful and focused. I'm extremely grateful for his assistance, guidance, and support. 

    Leah M. Farmer, Labor & Employment Associate

    Franczek Radelet P.C.

  • Gary is an outstanding recruiter who took a sincere interest and active approach in helping to secure a job offer for me.  Gary and I worked together in identifying potential employers, developing a business plan, preparing for interviews, securing phone interviews and office visits, and eventually obtaining the offer.  Throughout this process, Gary was very responsive and provided much appreciated guidance based on his extensive experience in placing attorneys with top law firms.  Gary was truly a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his services going forward.

    Thomas M. Asmar, Associate

    Latham & Watkins LLP

  • Gary was great to work with. He is smart, attentive and practical, and connected me to my present home! I'm glad I worked with him, and only have positive impressions and opinions of him.

    Adam Wolek, Intellectual Property Partner

    Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

  • Gary was a pleasure to work with during my legal employment search process. He only sought to submit me for openings that corresponded to my experience, and, thereafter, he advocated on my behalf from the initial submission through the offer. His response time was lightning fast when I had questions or concerns. I highly recommend Gary!

    David Yontz, Associate

    Arnstein & Lehr

  • Gary was fantastic to work with. Not only did he connect me up with my ideal opportunity, he worked with me through the recruitment process to make sure that I was completely prepared to put forth my best in interviews, to facilitate communication, and to advocate for me as a candidate. His energy, enthusiasm and professionalism make working with him both productive and enjoyable. I could not have been more apprised of what was going on at all times, and it was great to have someone cheering for me when I got my offer. Thanks for all of your help, Gary!

    Karlie J. Dunsky, Immigration Associate

    Franczek Radelet P.C.

  • Gary is a phenomenal recruiter. From the beginning of my search process through to accepting an offer, Gary was responsive and provided an incredible amount of insight. He has great contacts at the major law firms and really guided me through the entire process. With Gary's help, I got an offer from the firm that was at the top of my list. Thanks Gary!!

    Jon Goreham, Associate

    DLA Piper

  • Gary was recommended to me and I can absolutely see why. His detailed-oriented approach and knowledge about legal placement are truly first-class. Gary provided critical insight during my transition and helped me navigate potential pitfalls. Above all, Gary is incredibly responsive, which is certainly appreciated when one has a time-sensitive issue. Of course, I recommend Gary and his services.

    Vishal Shah, Attorney

    Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

  • Gary is a top notch recruiter who delivers results for his clients. In addition to being a supportive and incredible advocate for me and my candidacy, Gary provided me with valuable advice and counsel on the interview process and how to best present my candidacy during interviews. He also sent me articles and other information on the firms and attorneys that I was interviewing with that proved invaluable during the interview process. Thanks to Gary's advocacy, advice and counsel, I got the ideal position at the ideal firm.

    Matthew J. Weiss, Associate


  • I had a great experience with Chicago Legal Search while looking for a position in Intellectual Property Law in a Chicago Firm. I had been looking for the right job for quite some time and consider working with Gary D’Alessio to have been a high point of my search. Gary’s diligence and perseverance in helping me find a perfect match for my skill set are unparalleled.  Gary’s willingness to share his experience and ideas were most beneficial, and I consider myself as having been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him. Gary knew exactly what I was looking for and helped me pursue the opportunity with polite urgency and dedication, and I will always be grateful for that.

    Gregory Donner, Patent Agent

    Banner & Witcoff, LTD.

  • Gary is an outstanding recruiter who took a sincere interest and active approach in helping to secure a job offer for me.  Gary and I worked together in identifying potential employers, developing a business plan, preparing for interviews, securing phone interviews and office visits, and eventually obtaining the offer.  Throughout this process, Gary was very responsive and provided much appreciated guidance based on his extensive experience in placing attorneys with top law firms.  Gary was truly a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his services going forward.

    Thomas M. Asmar, Associate

    Latham & Watkins LLP

  • “I felt an immediate boost in confidence after meeting with Gary D’Alessio. Gone were the anxiety and stress, replaced instead by focus and an action plan that Gary tailor-made for my needs and desires. Gary’s ability to help you transform your resume is unquestionable. Case in point: I targeted the law firm I wished to join and sent my resume long before meeting with Gary. I heard no response. With Gary's assistance, I overhauled my resume, revitalizing and refocusing it. I heard from Loeb & Loeb within a week.  

    Gary’s commitment to learning what made me tick, and what truly would make me happy, was as evident in the care he took targeting job opportunities as it was in his unique approach to marketing my skills. Rather than gather my resume and mass reproduce it to the highest bidders, Gary met with me one-on-one, meticulously researched my strengths, consulted his vast network of resources and pursued only those opportunities that made sense for my career aspirations. 

    I highly recommend Gary’s services. The job search is an exhausting and stress-filled endeavor, but when I started working with Gary I stopped dreading the daily job hunt and approached it with excitement and a renewed sense of hope.”

    Rupen R. Fofaria, Associate

    Loeb & Loeb

  • “When I decided to relocate to Chicago after practicing law on the East Coast for two years, I turned to my law school’s career development department for assistance. After revising my resume no less than ten times, I arranged meetings with alums from my law school who were practicing in Chicago to obtain more information about the Chicago legal market. After a few informational interviews, I found myself across the desk from a partner in a very prominent law firm in Chicago who gave me the one piece of advice that would ultimately land me the opportunity of my dreams: ‘stop wasting your time networking and go see Gary D’Alessio!’ This partner explained that Gary is the best in the business at matching job-seeking associates with firms that are both a social and professional fit. Indeed, when this partner was a junior associate, Gary helped her find her current firm where she later made partner.

    So, I headed over to Gary’s office for our initial meeting. During this meeting, Gary and I spoke at length about what type of firm I was interested in pursuing, what type of law I practiced and hoped to practice, my resume, strengths, potential challenges, and my timeline. Gary was very attentive and really understood where I was trying to go with my practice. I felt confident that he would be able to steer me in the right direction.

    After our initial meeting, Gary insisted I completely rewrite my resume, which, according to Gary, was a law student’s resume. Gary and I spent hours rewriting my resume. Every descriptive word, formatting mark, and punctuation mark was scrutinized. Six substantive revisions later, my resume was complete and we were ready to initiate the search.

    Within days of completing my resume, Gary generated a list of firms for me to consider. The list was based on the factors we discussed in our initial meeting. My resume was sent only to the firms I selected.

    Within three weeks of Gary transmitting my information to the firms, I had five interviews. Before each interview, Gary gave me a packet of information about the firm and each of the interviewers. In most cases, the information was not available on the website or online. Gary even made himself available for mock interviews. In the end, I was thoroughly prepared for each interview and everything went very well.

    In addition, throughout the interview process, I was consistently complemented on my resume. One interviewer said the layout of my resume and the manner in which the information was conveyed was the best he had seen.

    One of the firms, Freeborn & Peters, stood out. The firm was the exact size I was seeking, extremely reputable, and an all around perfect social and professional fit. I received an offer within days of my final interview with the firm. Although firms continued to request an interview (because Gary continued to follow-up and chase leads), I removed myself from consideration and accepted Freeborn & Peters’ offer.

    I do not know whether my experience was unique, but even if it was, I could not have replicated Gary’s efforts or achieved the same result on my own. From start to finish, Gary found me my dream job—in just under six weeks, and I could not be happier at my firm.”

    Andrea D. Somerville, Litigation Associate

    Freeborn & Peters LLP

  • “The decision to leave my first and only firm did not come easily. I had one previous experience with a recruiter that was immensely unsatisfying. The recruiter repeatedly made vague references to all of the candidates with credentials similar to mine that he had placed at ‘top firms’ but, when pressed for details, he became awkwardly combative. Rather than devising a list of firms that reflected my professional values, he simply handed me a preprinted list of the twenty-five largest firms in Chicago and asked me to pick the firms that were of interest. After this experience, I tried to find a job on my own.

    When I had exhausted my contacts at other firms, a friend suggested that I call Gary D’Alessio. My friend recounted his experience trying to find a job on his own, and insisted that he never would have landed his current job without Gary’s help. Skeptical of my friend’s effusive praise, I spent part of the afternoon researching Gary—I spoke with other friends about the recruiters they had used in making their lateral moves, surveyed the Chicago recruiting market and spoke with some contacts involved in lateral hiring at other firms. My research confirmed that Gary was the preeminent recruiter in Chicago, and I called him the next day.

    After a few minutes on the phone with Gary, I understood why he is so highly regarded and knew that he would help me find precisely the kind of position I was looking for. Gary and I spoke at length about my professional experience and practice. Because he is a lawyer with several years of practice, Gary understood exactly what I described and knew the value it could add to another firm’s practice. He then suggested we meet in person.

    Gary put me through the most exacting interview I had during my entire search. He also helped me craft a vastly superior resume to the one I had previously used. It was clear to me that Gary was more interested in my long-term career goals and professional values than he was in finding a quick-fix to my job search by placing me in a firm that might not be a good fit. In stark contrast to the other recruiter I met, Gary produced a narrowly tailored list of target firms. What mattered most was how well I would fit in with the firms and the value I could add versus whether the firm made the AmLaw 100 list.

    What I appreciated most about working with Gary was his complete candor in assessing my lateral options. He was refreshingly blunt. Gary plainly told me which firms I had a realistic chance of success with and which firms were unlikely to consider me as a candidate. But, Gary’s pragmatism was counterbalanced by his encouragement and constant support when I decided to apply to firms we considered to be reaches.

    While working with Gary, I felt as if I was his only candidate, and finding me the ideal job was his only priority. Gary was proactive and aggressive in developing potential job leads, scheduling interviews and following up with each firm after I concluded my interviews. It was an enormous comfort when I realized that Gary works ‘attorney hours.’ Just as the practice of law extends past the hours of 9—5, so does Gary’s work hours. He was extremely responsive and I always felt like we were in this job search together. Every phone call was returned the same day and every email was answered, often within a few minutes. And just when I would begin to take things too seriously, Gary’s wry humor would put my job search in the proper perspective.

    Ultimately, I landed my dream job. I moved from a respectable firm with a narrow practice focus to an elite international law firm with a highly sophisticated and comprehensive litigation practice. I’ve changed the focus of my practice entirely and now have the opportunity help grow my new firm’s Chicago office. I’m certain that I never would have been able to land my new position without Gary’s help.”

    Scott J. Vold, Litigation Associate


  • “Moving from New York and knowing very little about the Chicago legal market, I expected that my job search would be long and painful, and cause considerable stress. I began working with Gary D’Alessio and quickly learned that I was putting my future in the hands of a very seasoned, skilled and qualified legal search consultant.

    Unlike other consultants with whom I have worked in the past, Mr. D’Alessio did not ‘disappear‘ after my first conversation with him. During my job search, he kept in constant contact with me and tailored his searches to exactly what I requested, including the size of the firm, my legal field preference and the firm atmosphere I wanted for my new position. What became clear is that Gary listened to my preferences and with his exceptional knowledge of the Chicago legal environment, he knew where I would be a good fit.

    Throughout the interviewing stages of my job search, Mr. D’Alessio called to discuss—at length—a particular firm’s history, environment and culture, as well as his personal impressions of other candidates who had interviewed there previously. He asked me tough questions just like a partner interviewing me would. He mailed several packages of information about firms to me before an interview so I was armed with as much knowledge before walking into an interview.

    Needless to say, my transition from New York City to Chicago went very smoothly—I secured several interviews within days of my initial conversation with Mr. D’Alessio, having never stepped foot in Chicago. All in all, I made only two trips back and forth from New York City and got the job I wanted on my second trip. Moving from out of state, I thought it would have taken me at least a month to find my ideal job. To my happy surprise, as a result of working with Mr. D’Alessio, the job search process took only two weeks!!!

    I recommend Mr. D’Alessio to any attorney moving from out of state to Chicago. You will not find any legal search consultant who knows the Chicago legal market so thoroughly. He provides up to date information and extensive research about the law firms, is careful to secure interviews that correlate to your personal preferences, and keeps in touch throughout the entire process. In the end, I could not have placed my future in better hands.”

    Samera S. Ludwig, Associate

    Ungaretti & Harris

  • “After taking a brief hiatus from the practice of law, I was looking for a position which would enable me to enjoy a better balance between work and my personal life. I turned to Gary D’Alessio not only for his assistance in exploring opportunities for me, but to provide me with the counseling and guidance I needed. Gary’s personal experiences, familiarity with the Chicago legal market and timely knowledge of various opportunities ultimately led me to a part-time position at which I have never been happier.”

    Michelle K. Episcope, Associate

    Burke Warren Mackay & Serritella PC

  • “The process of searching for the perfect opportunity is much more difficult than I would have ever thought. I personally do not believe I could have landed my ideal position without Gary D’Alessio’s help. During my search, I have spoken with numerous recruiters both in Chicago and nationally. I have found that the very best recruiters, such as Gary, are those that take the time to really listen and understand the candidate’s interests, values and experiences, rather than try to stick a square peg in a round hole. In this realm, Gary was the best. He did an excellent job in understanding me and properly focusing my search. Gary is also very personable and working him is like working with a friend, which made a challenging process seem fairly easy.”

    Erik M. Jarmusz, Real Estate Associate

    Arnstein & Lehr LLP

Portrait photo of Gary A. D’Alessio, Esq.

Gary A. D’Alessio, Esq.


Gary has been involved with the legal profession for more than thirty years. After receiving his B.S.B.A. cum laude from Villanova University in 1976 and J.D. from Tulane University School of Law in 1980, Gary practiced law for five and one-half years at McKenna, Storer, Rowe, White & Farrug. For the past thirty-two years, he has been a legal search consultant. Gary was the Co-Chair of the Careers Committee of The Young Lawyers Section of the Chicago Bar Association for two years. He is also a Certified Professional Consultant with the Academy of Professional Consultants and Advisors. His in-depth legal experience and knowledge of the Chicago legal market is well known in the legal recruiting industry. He has been extensively quoted on a variety of issues regarding the legal profession in The National Law Journal, Sun Times, Chicago Lawyer, Crain’s Chicago Business, and Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. Gary also has been published in the American Bar Association’s Changing Jobs: A Handbook for Lawyers for the 1990’s and the Young Lawyers Section of The Chicago Bar Association’s Lawyers’ Guide to the Chicago Job Market. Gary is a member of the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago and the Chicago Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he is a world traveler, an Eagle Scout and an avid moviegoer.

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