Testimonials about David L. Bowman

  • David was a huge help to me when it came to searching for a new role and eventually placing me with my current firm. He was attentive, checked-in constantly, and was invaluable when it came to revamping my resume. David is a true professional and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him. I cannot say enough positive things about David and, of course, recommend him to anyone searching for a new role within the legal profession.

    Matthew Schroeder, Associate

    Huck Bouma PC

  • David was instrumental in helping me land my ideal job at a law firm I truly enjoy. He made several great recommendations regarding which opportunities to consider and helped me prepare for each application, interview, and call back along the way. The old adage in every business rings true, particularly in today's market - 'it's not only what you know, but who.' With regard to David, he is well connected in the legal market and works tirelessly to open doors for you. Connecting with and working alongside David was the best thing I ever did for my career. 
    I believe that I was successful because of David’s guidance and I would 10/10 recommend him to anyone searching for a new opportunity in the Chicago area.

    Dylan Shiver, Associate

    Fuchs & Roselli, Ltd.

  • David was fantastic in helping me with my transition from Detroit to Chicago. It was a long process but David was ever attentive, even when I thought the right opportunity wasn’t out there for me. David was a wonderful resource and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an opportunity in the Chicago legal market. Thanks David!

    Asama Itseumah, Associate

    Freeborn & Peters LLP

  • David was instrumental in helping me obtain my new position and I cannot say enough positive things about him. He let me know what to expect from the hiring process and kept me informed throughout. He made me feel like he had my back and had a positive attitude from the beginning - something I really appreciated because its not always a fun process! He also responded quickly to my questions and provided me with helpful resources. I hadn't interviewed in a few years, so I really appreciated being provided with current literature on prepping for job interviews. I also appreciated his advice on negotiating and I really felt that he was a helpful advocate for me in that process. I highly recommend David. He's an invaluable resource to help navigate through your job search and the interview and hiring process. 


    Bree Williams, Manager, Corporate Risk

    Ventas, Inc.

  • David connected with me on LinkedIn to inquire about whether I would be interested in moving as an attorney working in the public sector to a firm in the private sector. I was skeptical of the idea of working with a recruiter. In particular, I was concerned that there would be a lack of transparency about the benefits and salary until after I interviewed. I was not willing to spend the time and energy to apply if expectations weren't clear from the get-go to the prospective employer. I was also happy at my current job (despite a public sector salary). However, after speaking with David, he convinced me that it would be a good idea to apply for a position at a private firm. I was impressed that he was open and honest about the salary range and expectations surrounding the position (billables etc.), so I did not waste my time applying to a firm that would not be a good fit. He assisted with every aspect of the interview process: reviewing my resume, helping prepare a cover letter, picking solid writing samples, preparing for my interview, discussing an approach to the second round of interviews, celebrating when I received an offer, and weighing the pros and cons until I decided to accept. Ultimately, I think he really took the time to make sure that I was a good fit for my new employer and vice versa. I do not think David is desperate to put clients in positions at any cost. Had I turned my new employer's offer down, I believe he would have understood that. I appreciate his time, attention, and integrity. I strongly recommend David for your next job search.

    Christina Jaremus, Associate

    Laner Muchin

  • David assisted me throughout the whole interview process and ultimately in obtaining my ideal job at a firm in the downtown Chicago area. David made great recommendations as to which opportunities I should consider and provided helpful feedback to assist me in my search. He is very knowledgeable about each firm and his thoughtful insights helped me feel confident going into each interview.

    I believe that I was successful because of David’s guidance and I would 10/10 recommend him to anyone searching for a new opportunity in the Chicago area.

    Caroline K. Kane, Associate

    Franczek P.C.

  • David played a huge part in helping me find the perfect fit! He was communicative and responsive, made me aware of multiple opportunities and shepherded me through the interview processes and the job acceptance process when multiple offers were on the table. I have recommended David to friends and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a recruiter in Chicago. 

    Lauren E. Anderson, Senior Counsel

    Clark Hill PLC

  • David helped me find a new role with a great firm when I returned to the practice after a multi-year sabbatical. He was insightful and informative from the beginning and displayed a high level of professionalism throughout our engagement. I am appreciative of David and his work and heartily recommend him.

    Leonard Hudson, Associate

    The Collins Law Firm, P.C.

  • David is someone you can go to that you can count on. He is with you every step of the way, listens to your needs, and makes it happen.

    Roenan Patt, Associate

    Levin Ginsburg

  • I had the pleasure of working with David during my most recent job search, which, thanks to David's efforts, only lasted a few short weeks. At the time, I was employed in a "stepping stone" position and was getting ready to move on to a bigger law firm with more responsibilities. David reached out to me and we discussed a few positions for which he believed I'd be a good fit. A few weeks later, I was hired. 

    Throughout the process, David was honest, professional, and responsive. More importantly, he worked hard to ensure I would be a good fit for my new firm - and vice versa. I would wholeheartedly recommend David to anyone who is looking for new talent or is seeking help finding a new career path.

    Justyna M. Kruk, Litigation Associate

    Tribler Orpett & Meyer, P.C.

  • David is a calm, persistent professional and a strong advocate.

    Ansley H. Schrimpf, Attorney

    Baker & McKenzie LLP

  • I highly recommend David’s services. David facilitated my transition from a smaller firm to a mid-size Chicago firm. He was very knowledgeable about the trends of the hiring market, had a list of a number of adequate current openings and was mindful of my preferences as to the size of firms and the desired size of the practice. David was very responsive, had recommendations on improving application materials and performed seamless introductions to firms. He, in fact, urged me to move through the process faster as working full-time and looking for positions can be a daunting experience. Interviews were arranged expeditiously and David was an effective counselor throughout the process - from preparation of application materials to acceptance of offer and transitioning.

    Elitsa Dimitrova, Associate

    Freeborn & Peters LLP

  • David recently assisted me in lateral move. Working with David was an absolute pleasure, he made sure the entire process - from my initial interview to my first day at the new position - went smoothly and he answered any and all questions I had along the way. Very professional, extremely responsive. Thanks again, David!

    Kara C. Smith, Associate

    Neal Gerber & Eisenberg LLP

  • David recently assisted me with a lateral associate move. I truly felt that he was invested in placing me in the right position that fit my current professional and personal needs. He was courteous, extremely responsive, as well as personable, and provided me with great insight during the interview and offer negotiation processes. Even after I formally accepted the new position, David continued to follow up and ensure that it was a smooth transition for me to my new firm. I highly recommend David for anyone who is looking to find the right fit in their legal career search.

    Jessica D. Allan, Associate

    Tribler Orpett & Meyer, P.C.

Portrait photo of David L. Bowman

David L. Bowman

Legal Search Consultant

David earned his B.A., magna cum laude, from Loyola University Chicago in 2011, and his J.D. from Loyola University Chicago School of Law in 2014. After graduating from law school, he spent three years working as a personal injury attorney for two Chicago-based law firms. David joined Chicago Legal Search in 2017, where he specializes in recruiting and placing attorneys with prominent law firms and corporations in the Chicago metropolitan area. 

David was born and raised in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood. He is an avid Chicago sports fan and enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with his wife and Golden Retriever.

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