Employers’ Hiring FAQ

What are the advantages of working with a recruiter?

Using a recruiter can provide a more efficient and cost-effective method for finding the most qualified lawyers for your opportunity. We solely recruit attorneys with exceptional credentials that may not be actively looking therefore will not see or respond to your job ads. Instead, they rely on us to present attractive job opportunities to them. By streamlining the recruiting process, we save you invaluable time, effort and cost of reviewing resumes of potentially unqualified candidates.

Additionally, our recruiters screen every candidate before submitting him or her to you. When submitting our candidates, we send you a detailed cover letter, providing information relating to why each candidate is interested in your position, their current practice and responsibilities, as well as personality traits. We strive to find candidates who have both the precise experience you require that will also make a good cultural fit with your firm or company.

What makes Chicago Legal Search stand out?

Founded in 1988, Chicago Legal Search is one of the oldest and largest attorney recruiting firms in Chicago. We are well entrenched and trusted throughout the Chicago legal community for our ethics, dedication and commitment to our clients, along with the quality of our recruiting results. Through our database of more than 50,000 attorneys in the Chicago market we can effectively provide you with immediate and in depth access to the utmost qualified attorneys.

Our recruiters have a combined total of more than 80 years of legal and recruiting experience. They share a love for the industry and take pride in assisting their clients to find the ideal candidate for each search. We also confidentially advertise your position on our website, which is consistently identified at the top of search engine results for attorney jobs in Chicago.

What does Chicago Legal Search charge for conducting an attorney search?

Whether we conduct the search on a contingency or exclusive basis, a fee is only generated if you hire a candidate whom we have presented. You can review resumes through us at no cost and compare their quality to those you receive from other sources. Should you hire a CLS-submitted candidate, the placement fee is based on a percentage of the placed lawyer’s compensation. We offer a six-month pro-rata guarantee on our contingency and exclusive placements (This pro-rata guarantee is extended to twelve months for retained searches).

For additional information, please contact our office.

Will all of the recruiters at CLS work on my search?

Yes, unlike many other search firms that have only one recruiter working on your behalf, all of our recruiters work on all of our searches.

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  • “Freeborn & Peters relies on Chicago Legal Search for more than mere resumes, we look to them for advice and counsel regarding individuals.  Chicago Legal Search consistently takes the time to learn and understand our firm’s special practice needs and goals, as well as our unique philosophy and culture, to help us achieve long-term, rewarding professional relationships.  There exists with Chicago Legal Search a sense of trust and commitment that is seldom duplicated by other professionals.”

    William N. Howard, Esq.,

    Freeborn & Peters