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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of working with a recruiter?

Using a recruiter can provide a more efficient and cost-effective method for finding the most qualified candidates for your opportunity. By streamlining the recruiting process, we save you invaluable time, effort and the cost of reviewing resumes of unqualified candidates.

Our recruiters screen and qualify every candidate before they are submitted to our clients. We strive to find candidates who have both the relevant experience you are seeking as well as the personality characteristics that make a good cultural fit.

We always treat candidate’s resumes strictly confidential and only submit them to an employer after we receive the candidate’s express authorization to do so.

What makes us different?

Founded in 2001, we are the only diversity-owned, National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)-certified Chicago-based legal search firm. We are well respected and trusted throughout the Chicago legal community for our ethics, dedication, and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Through our customized database of more than 25,000 Chicago-based candidates, and our combined total of more than 18 years of legal recruiting experience, we provide unparalleled service to our clients.

Additional benefits of using a recruiter:

Save Vital Time

Oftentimes, employers initially contact recruiters first, before posting an open position on a job board. They understand that recruiters generally have access to some of the best talent, which they have already vetted, saving them vital time screening candidates’ qualifications for a job opening.

Years of Experience

Many recruiters have worked with their clients for years, placing several candidates with them in various positions. This experience gives recruiters direct access to employers and insider knowledge about them.

Helpful Insights

Ongoing and consistent contacts within the legal profession enable recruiters to have helpful information, including industry trends, compensation, firm/company cultures, and the must-have skills employers are seeking.

Why use CLSLS?

We are a diversity-owned and managed Chicago-based company with a long-standing reputation as a trusted-advisor and recruiting partner within the legal community. We have an 18+ year demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion within the Chicago legal profession. Our recruiters work with candidates to understand both their career and personal aspirations to make strategic decisions. This increases the likelihood of a successful, long-term fit with a new employer.

We understand how important it is to identify opportunities that are compatible with your interests, areas of expertise, and career goals. We maintain a carefully cultivated network of professional, business, and personal contacts, which provides us with invaluable insight to help you make the most informed career choice.

Throughout your job search, you will receive individualized attention from one of our experienced recruiters. As part of our service, we offer resume revision suggestions, interview preparation, essential background information on employers and positions of interest, help evaluating employment offers, and advice on realistic compensation levels and other transitional matters.

Temporary/Contact Staffing

We provide full-suite staffing and consulting solutions for our clients, including temporary, contract, project, and temp-to-perm hiring needs.

Contract staff can be utilized for the length of time necessary to complete your particular project, whether it is for two weeks or two years. This is often the most productive and cost-effective way to fill your temporary needs.

Our top priority is to find candidates better job opportunities and employers the best candidates.
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