Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of working with a recruiter?

Using a recruiter can provide a more efficient and cost-effective method for finding the most qualified candidates for your opportunity. By streamlining the recruiting process, we save you invaluable time, effort and the cost of reviewing resumes of unqualified candidates.

Our recruiters screen and qualify every candidate before they are submitted to our clients. We strive to find candidates who have both the relevant experience you are seeking as well as personal characteristics that make them a good cultural fit.

We always treat candidate’s resumes strictly confidential and will only submit them to a client after we receive the candidate’s express authorization to do so.

What do you charge for conducting a legal search?

We conduct searches on a contingency, exclusive or retainer basis. You can review candidate resumes at no cost and compare them with those you receive from other sources in contingency and exclusive searches. In these searches, a fee is only generated if you hire a candidate we present. The typical placement fee for an attorney will be no more than 25% of the attorney’s first year’s base salary. The standard fee for a legal support staff will be no more than 20% of the support staff’s first year’s base salary.  As we strive to create long-term partnerships, we are certainly willing to further discuss our placement fee structure.

What are your guarantee terms?

The standard guarantee period is six months for an attorney and sixty days for a legal support staff. If the placed candidate is no longer employed (other than due to a layoff resulting from market/economic conditions) within said time periods, we will refund a portion of the fee on a pro rata basis.

Search Options

Contingency Search

  • On-point candidates will be presented as soon as possible after they are identified.
  • Six (6) month pro rata guarantee period.

Exclusive Search

  • Our firm will be the only outside recruitment firm used to submit candidate resumes for this search for a ninety (90) day period. You can, however, continue your own internal recruiting efforts.
  • On-point candidates will be presented within ten (10) business days of the commencement of the search.
  • Your search will take priority status over all contingency searches.
  • Six (6) month pro rata guarantee period.

Retained Search

  • Your search will take priority status over all other searches.
  • Our firm will be the only source of candidates submitted and considered for the position.
  • On-point candidates will be immediately vetted upon commencement of the search.
  • Twelve (12) month pro rata guarantee period.

Temporary/Contract Attorney and Legal Staff

We provide full-suite staffing and consulting solutions for our clients, including temporary, contract, project, and temp-to-perm candidates.

Contract staff can be utilized for the length of time necessary to complete your particular project, whether it is for two weeks or two years. This is often the most productive and cost-effective way to fill your temporary needs.

Our top priority is to find candidates better job opportunities and employers the best candidates.
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