Placement Process

We act as a liaison between the candidate and the client, and assist candidates with every phase of the job search.

The job interview process can be daunting, lengthy and time-consuming. Being interviewed once and then getting a job offer rarely happens anymore. Today, many employers have an involved interview process starting with a telephone or in-person screening interview, which is typically followed by a second and possible third interview.

Employers typically conduct job searches as follows:


Review applicant resumes to determine if the candidate has the requisite qualifications for the job. A screening interview is the first step in the hiring process for qualified applicants.


Sometimes, phone interviews are initially conducted to narrow the pool of candidates who will be invited for in-person interviews.


The first in-person interview is often with one to two people in a hiring or HR capacity to discuss in more detail the candidate’s relevant experience, work history, and skill set, as well as the position and expected responsibilities.


A call back interview is then conducted with multiple people. A third or final interview may also be conducted.


The offer stage is one of the most important phases of the job search. We will act as a liaison and help the candidate negotiate critical issues, including salary, bonuses, benefits, title and any other terms of the offer.


Offers are usually contingent on satisfactory references, background and/or conflicts checks being completed. We can assist with these.


Once you accept an offer, we will discuss the best way to give sufficient notice to your current employer and confirm a mutually agreed upon start date with your new employer.

Our top priority is to find candidates better job opportunities and employers the best candidates.
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