The Ultimate Onboarding Checklist: 21 Tips & Tricks to Make Hiring Painless

January 17, 2018

 Hiring at the right time

 Hiring for the right reasons

 Reaching the best applicants

 Efficient onboarding

An effective hiring process is key to positioning a company for present and future success.

It can also be a bit like running a marathon with feet shackled and eyes blindfolded.

Below are 21 tips to help ease and streamline the hiring process, whether you’re running an enterprise recruiting office, or working on a small business budget.

We’ve got you covered…

#1 Consider an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The landscape of technologies available to the forward-thinking recruiter’s arsenal has grown vigorously in recent years.




 Disparate filing systems

Are a thing of the past, unless you’ve failed to do your due diligence.

That’s why, the first thing I’d suggest to any professional looking to alleviate the aches and pains of the hiring process, is to understand what kinds of tools are out there.

There are stand-alone apps which help manage just about every phase of the hiring process.

I’ll get into more of those over the course of this piece, but the big one you ought to know about, and the one I’ll keep coming back to, is called an “applicant tracking system” — or ATS.

Applicant tracking systems help manage the hiring process from start to finish, thanks to the cloud’s convenience.

Post jobs, create candidate files and gather feedback.

Such systems are available for a range of budgets, with options for small, medium, large, and enterprise organizations. There are even free and open-sourced applicant tracking systems out there, like OpenCATS.

Other popular free options include:

 iKrut: free, but not open-source, with paid vendor add-ons

 Softgarden: free for up  to five concurrent job openings and seven users

 JobScore: free for up to three concurrent job openings

For those able to make more of an investment, choices get pretty advanced and still offer enough financial flexibility to meet the needs of various budgets.

Some of my favorites are:


 Cornerstone OnDemand




 Zoho Recruit


Full human capital management systems (HCMs) are also available. In addition to applicant tracking, these platforms include tools for managing current employees.

Check out:

 SuccessFactors by SAP

 Workday HCM

 Oracle Fusion

 ADP Vantage HCM

 Ultimate Software

 Infor HCM

To be fair, I’m barely dipping my toe in the water here.

Only you understand your needs, as someone looking to hire, and given that many of these tools offer free trials, I’d suggest playing around (a lot) before fully committing to any one solution.  


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