5 Simple Things the Most Incredibly Respected Bosses Do (Every. Single. Day.)

March 24, 2017

Often overlooked aspects of what it really takes to be a truly great boss.

We can all rattle off qualities we absolutely hated in our old bosses quicker than we can the good ones. Like it or not, those awful bosses brought us where we are now.

Whether you have three employees or 300 doesn't matter. You should always strive to bethe most incredible boss you can be every single day.

Here's how.

1. Can you hear me now?

The best leaders don't just listen, they hear you. When employees feel heard, they feel like an important part of the team. Participation increases and so does morale.

Some believe that authority is commanded by the loudest voice, but the most respected bosses take the time to listen first.

2. A solid foundation

Unpredictability does not a good foundation make. The best bosses maintain a level of consistency throughout the business. Consistency and clear communication from the top trickle down throughout the organization and create confidence.

Employees always know what is expected of them and what they can expect from the company.

3. Fill in the blanks

The most compelling and respected bosses allow space. They delegate instead of micromanage, letting employees fill in the blank spaces and encouraging room for free thinking.

Have you experienced a boss who breathed down your neck by checking in on you constantly? That sense of distrust can lead to discontent.

The best bosses believe in their employees, understanding that everyone brings different talents to the table--and that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

4. Where is the love?

Yes, really. Love in the workplace. Not romantic love, but a true love for the mission at hand. A great boss truly loves his or her work and it shows. When there is love, there is trust and respect.

When there is respect, there is magic to create and innovate. It gives wings for inspiration to take flight with new ideas that reach new heights.

5. Pump it up

Positive energy fosters positive energy. The best bosses create great energy throughout the organization because of their own. You can't fake energy. Good vibes affect the culture of a company and boost the morale.

They find opportunities to celebrate the small wins and the big wins and milestones, whether it's a quick recognition or a big party. A boss that can bring true energy to any situation can foster enthusiasm and innovative thinking.

A great leader not only exudes that energy when he or she walks into the room but builds a culture around it.

By Chris Dessi
CEO, Silverback Social
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